Ice cream dessert
Waffles with ice cream topping

Waffles with ice cream topping – a heavenly ice cream dessert 

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Bread & pastry
Focaccia with olives, cream cheese & caramelized onions

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Baked apple cupcakes

we love cinnamon & apples ...
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Decoration / DIY

pyjama party women
Decoration & DIYS
Flanel ‘n Ice Cream

Now, when the days are getting shorter and the mornings colder, we are looking forward to cozy hours at home. Who says that adults are too…

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Greenery – decoration in the trendcolor of 2017

Greenery! After 2016 was the year of pastel and creamy colors, this year it will pop with the colors on the table! 2017 is the year we love…

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Decor & DIYs
Easter: deko and DIY ideas

Everyone knows the traditional red-white tablecloth for Easter. Beautiful – but a bit oldfashioned. That’s why we want to…

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