Gefüllte Süßkartoffel Mexikan Style
Filled Sweet Potatoes “Mexican Style”

sweet potatoes “mexican style” Filled sweet potatoes mexican Style – filled with chicken, selfmade sour cream dip,…

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Schoko Brownie Affogato
Creamy iced coffee

This Creamy Iced Coffee is perfect for hot summer days. It will not only keep you cool but also satisfy your sweet tooth. For all the coffee…

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Frühlingsbowl mit Eis
Sweet Springbowl with Ice

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Hier ins neue Köstlich Magazin “Herbst/Winter” hineinblättern & gleich im Shop bestellen oder abonnieren


Decoration / DIY

festlich gedeckter Weihnachtstisch
Winterwonderland – festive decorated christmas table

Festive decorated christmas table Christmas is a magical time, because you do some handicrafts or decorate your home with the whole family.…

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Greenery – decoration in the trendcolor of 2017

Greenery! After 2016 was the year of pastel and creamy colors, this year it will pop with the colors on the table! 2017 is the year we love…

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All recipes
Easter: deko and DIY ideas

Everyone knows the traditional red-white tablecloth for Easter. Beautiful – but a bit oldfashioned. That’s why we want to…

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Food Journey

Zypern Columbia Beach Resort
Culinary travel
Columbia Beach Ressort – welcome to paradise!

Welcome in Paradise Our trip around the island of Cyprus is continuing after a couple of days i Ayia Napa. We are heading in direction of…

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Nissi Beach
Culinary travel
Cyprus: A culinary adventure around the island

Welcome to Cyprus! After a short flight of only 2,45 hours from Vienna we arrive on the most southern island of the Mediterranean sea. The…

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