Here is an easy recipe for lemon cake pops with white chocolate glaze and colorful edible sugar.


250 g sugar

280 g flour

1 pkg. of baking powder

4 eggs

4 tbs. milk

juice of two lemons

for the frosting:

125 g mascarpone

for the glaze:

1 pkg. white glaze (or 150 g white couverture chocolate)


Heat the oven at 160° degrees. Put all the cake ingredients together for a pound cake and stir it for 4 minutes until it´s a thick dough. Put the dough in a baking dish an bake it for 35 – 40 minutes at 160 degrees. Let the cake cool down and crumble it in a bowl. Mix the crumbles with the mascarpone und form balls (2 – 3 cm diameter). Chill them in the fridge for 1 to 2 to hours.

Melt the glaze over a waterbath. Dip the wooden spitz´ in the glaze and plug it in the cake pops. Glaze the cake pops in the couverture and roll it promptly in colorful sugar or sprinkles. Stick them in a styrofoam to dry.

Serve the lemon cake pops with colorful ribbons.

.s. cookingCatrin